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Hazel Oak School – Birmingham

‘Our Key Stage 3 pupils were treated to a creative and multi-sensory experience, where they were able to “tinker” with a vast range of materials. The supportive and calm environment encouraged their confidence when building, creating and playing with the interesting, everyday and unusual resources’. Class Teacher.

It’s like architecture

It's like  architecture

a shifting group of tinkerers at Fernwood infant school talk about their shared invention, perhaps they could build a house one day. “It’s like architecture!”

Fernwood Infants

Three intensely inventive, magical days. Twelve classes and never the same thing tinkered twice.

Perseverance, focus, independence, undirected collaboration.
Class teacher

Marble Run – East Bridgford Festival

What better way to spend a sunny June day, than making marvelous machines for moving marbles? The good folk at the East Bridgford Show worked with us to build fantastically imaginative contraptions with the sole purpose of getting a small silver ball from one end of the field to another.

As well as the usual assortment of materials, we threw guttering, wheels, saws, rope, pallets, hammers and nails into the mix. It was a totally different experience to our tinkering sessions, but still with the same buzz of imagination and building.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary

The whole thing just led itself, straight from their imagination.
Teaching Assistant

Greenfields Community School

As a teacher it is quite rare to get this opportunity to stand back and watch all of the children interacting and working outside of friendship groups.

Children who I expected to react in a certain way have behaved quite differently,  some boys who would usually run around stuck at what they were doing.

Class Teacher Year 4. Caroline Earles

Bluebell Hill School

They were really engaged, it was valuable for me, I can get lessons out of it.

Class teacher, Year 3


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